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Capturing life as it unfolds. 

How long have I been doing photography?

12 Years +

Random Fact About Me:

"My son and I spent half a decade traveling the world"

3 things that make me smile:

1. A warm cup of tea      2. Walking in the rain     3. Listening to people laugh

What's my favorite sessions?

   "I enjoy capturing senior and engagement sessions for how impactful the moment is to cherish. Senior sessions are the last little bit of innocents - that final stretch of childhood before they go out on their own; the rest of their future ahead of them. Engagement sessions are that raw love, the excitement and passion that comes with a fresh romance. You can feel the connection with every movement, each glance, the chemistry fills the air - it's magical to capture."

Contact Information

Work: 269-281-3727

Cell: 251-623-5976

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