Wedding Investment

Booking the photographer, the florist, venue, party planner, buying the perfect dress - and don't forget the cake sampling and menu! Weddings can be a lot of work. My goal, as a wedding photographer, is to make my portion of your wedding as stress-free as possible. I want to provide you with an easy going approach that gives you one less thing to worry about. Having done weddings for nearly a decade, I have learned that the best way to capture true moments is by letting you experience them, then being ready to capture them as they arrive. This special day is about you, and the last thing you need is a pushy photographer constantly having a camera in your face. I let the day unravel, and try my best to help things flow as smoothly as possible. I want you to enjoy your special day, not having to worry about the finer details. Now, take a deep breath, relax, and be sure to check out my wedding suggestions and tips at the bottom of this page! 

The "I do" Package 

¤ Up to 3 hours during the wedding day

¤ All images put onto a DVD with full copyright release OR uploaded to online folder with full access for you and yours

¤ Up to 10 fully edited images 

The "Forever" Package

¤ Up to 6 hours during the wedding day

¤ All images put onto a DVD with full copyright release OR uploaded to online folder with full access for you and yours

¤ Up to 15 fully edited images


The "Happily Ever After" Package

¤ Up to 8 hours during the wedding day

¤ All images put onto a DVD with full copyright release / option for online album

¤ Up to 20 fully edited images

$ 500

$ 1,200

$ 1,600

Wedding and Engagement Portfolio

(Beach) Wedding Tips & Tricks

Having roughly a decade of wedding experience under my belt, I have experienced a variety of different situations that have arose during the wedding day. I would like to share some experiences that can maybe help your planning go a little smoother! Here are a few suggested tips and tricks:

¤ Beach weddings are windy! Up-do's or partial up's are a good idea to keep that blowing hair out of your face.
¤ Timing is important. If you plan for an early afternoon, remember that you are going to have that harsh mid-day sun beating down on you causing harsh shadows and beads of sweat. If that's the time you want, just plan according and maybe have fans and water bottles available for guests. Don't feel obligated to have the traditional full suit and tie or heavy layered dress. Beach weddings can be casual without guilt. (Best lighting and temperature is to aim closer to sunset.)
¤ Those sexy six in heels may look  gorgeous, but walking in sand with them can be an accident waiting to happen! Don't ditch the heel, just have a backup flat for walking down the isle. 

¤ Prepare your guests. Some family may not be as mobile as they once were, and walking on sand and sitting in the heat for any period of time can be difficult. Goody bags of water and hand fans are an easy way to keep them happy, and safe. The last thing you need is to be chastised on your wedding day for making granny sit out in the sun unequipped  (I've seen this  happen many times.)
¤ Public Beaches: Keep in mind that most beaches are public, and chances of having on-lookers in bikinis show up in your pictures is highly possible. I've had a boat drive by behind a couple as they were kissing, only to be making rock signs with his hands and sticking his tongue out. It's possible to edit out a lot of stuff, but going in with a flexible attitude will make it easier when that family in front of where you put your wedding arch wont move.
¤ What did you say? You spend a lot of time writing your vows and personalizing the ceremony, so be sure to talk to the DJ or officiant about getting a wireless microphone and speaker. It can get very noisy on the beach, with the wind, etc. I've experienced many weddings where I am walking around the isle taking pictures, only to hear the guests going, "I have no idea what they're saying."