Who is The Photographer?

After having my son roughly a decade ago (wow, I know, they grow so fast!) I was gifted my first dslr camera by my husband at the time. It was easy to snap pictures of my son (he's a great model), but I had always been interested in capturing people in all forms. I started out small, and eventually branched my business out into something that I came to love.

My favorite thing about being a photographer is to capture your story - the moment you're at in the now, and allowing you to preserve it into a virtual memory when now becomes many years down the road. I enjoy bringing happiness to people when they look at the photo's and go, "Wow, that's me?!" It's so easy to see ourselves through foggy eyes. I want to be able to show each unique individual their own brand of beautiful, and how they can blossom into this confident being that they were born to be. 

I've always been told to enjoy what you do, because if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. I have been really fortunate to come across a passion, and have the ability to turn it into a career. My life has had many ups and downs, turns and pit stops. I wear each bump and stretch mark proudly, and know that we each have our own paths that lead us to where we are. I like to capture the truth behind the smile, to not edit over those laugh lines that you earned by allowing joy into your life. ( Unless you ask for that to be edited, no extra charge :} ) I like to capture the candid moments in life, and allow you the good and bad - because we all are a little bit of both, even if we'd rather not admit it.

After many years into my business, I found myself at a new place in my life and ended up taking a year off to travel with my son. We took our adventure around the world, and have met so many incredible people along the way. I've since decided to branch out into other fields of photography, but still enjoy the simple pleasures of capturing the light of a blossoming family, or the raw intensity of an engagement, even the eager innocents of a high school senior. Little drops of happiness captured in each click of the camera. I come with a lot of passion, compassion, and wear my heart on my sleeve. Let's work together to create lasting memories for your family!